Building the Game with Rugby Utah and GoPlay


Rugby is the third most watched sport in the world and the fastest growing team sport in the United States, the biggest sports market on the planet. But, compared to other more established sports, rugby is a still a comparatively small part of the fabric of American team sports.

One of the reasons for this is up until recently, The US has lacked the resources to support the pathway from youth to pro and be competitive on all fronts. That’s why the Rugby community needs to unite like never before around the mission of “Building the Game” and commit to combine our resources to grow rugby on all levels to create the pathway for American Rugby to become world-class.

Leveraging our 35 years of experience, relationships, and resources, GoPlay offers the world’s best international training programs that combine the thrill of playing at the highest level with rugby cultural exchange programs for all levels. And best of all, cultural exchange play-away programs are not limited to players, we seek to enhance the USA’s Rugby IQ with competition and training to include coaches, and referees in association with some of the world’s most revered teams, leagues and academies.

For the first time a rugby player can live their dream of training to become an Olympian or play Professional rugby in the USA.


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GoPlay and Rugby Utah, one of the nation’s most progressive rugby training, media and sports lifestyle companies have forged a worldwide partnership along with some of the sport’s most celebrated training academies, coaching associations, referees societies and tournament promoters around the globe to create a unique program to increase individual as well team skill sets.

These one-of-a-kind programs allow a full scale of variety and capabilities. So whether you’ve picked up a rugby ball for the first time or if you are training for the Olympics, Premiership or Pro Rugby we have a program tailored to your needs and your passion for the sport.

We offer you and your team members the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel the world, learn the finer points of the game from some of the world’s most respected players and coaches and experience firsthand a new dimension of the sport you love. And all this while taking part in a unique cultural exchange program designed to help learn about the world around you and get school credit for doing it.

That is why we believe that coaches, administrators, and families who give their Ruggers this opportunity are the most important people around. GoPlay Sports Tours creates rugby cultural exchange programs tailored to the needs of club, college and high school teams, and players of all skill levels to rugby centers of gravity and world-class venues around the world.

Whether you are looking for high-performance full emersion training, a cultural adventure or something in-between, we have the perfect trip for you. We at GoPlay believe that travel changes lives. It’s not just a slogan. Each of us has been inspired to a great understanding – of ourselves, of the world, of other people and cultures- through travel.


We would love to chat with you about the five basic steps to help you offer a overseas rugby cultural exchange program to your individual athletes or your entire team. It is easier and more affordable than you’d think – and best of all, Coaches travel for free when they bring their team! (specific coaching and referee training does not qualify as a team).


Our Goal is to have America’s rugby Referees, Coaches, Players at the helm for the highest levels of play by 2020 … and along with that build the best fans with the knowledge of the rugby ethos and differentiator that distinguishes rugby as the best lifestyle on the planet.


We offer full or partial emersion to rugby training and competition in the world’s most rugby centric and emerging countries: New Zealand, England, Ireland, Wales, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, China.

Train in 7s, 15s or both. Train and live like a local, play match-es, tournaments against or with local clubs. We even have University programs where you can earn a dual degree from the UK and USA and play some rugby along the way allowing you to return to the States and then give back to your local community.


The cornerstone to improving all elements of play and to assure proper safety of the game. The annual training and refresher courses are designed to provide full emersion with the end goal of generating a train the trainer program for all referees. These courses will be conducted by the world’s leading referees and the experience will generate resources and friendships that will change the landscape of your rugby community.


You’ll train alongside the sport’s leading coaches, administrators, physico and players – similar to the Referee program annual training and refresher courses are offered and home and away programming / play for you and your teams will be initiated for growth and sharing of best practices from all organizations.


Engage rugby at the highest levels, see behind the scenes at world famous rugby venues, and experience local traditions. Meet players coaches, and other ruggers from around the world…maybe even put on the boots and have a run in a friendly or touch match.


In additional to our play-away rugby cultural exchange programs, we offer an excited opportunity for non-US to come to American and help build the rugby culture here and get paid doing it.

We will facilitate portal-to-portal travel for short or long-term multi city events at Rugby-friendly universities, junior colleges and high schools that are willing to provide educational and cultural experiences for out for non US school athletes. You can even qualify to earn a degree from an American university through Rugby – talk about a dream come true!

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One thought on “Building the Game with Rugby Utah and GoPlay

  1. Esau

    I have been a rugby fan fo about 5 years now. I love both codes Union and leauge, and I just can’t get enough. I would love to spread the passion for the game in this country some how, some way. When I mention rugby to others, the kind of snicker and laugh and “say oh yeah, that’s cool” but most of them have ignorance to the sport, and have never actually sat down and watch the game. There is a warrior code that displays both passion, toughness, and honor in this game . These are things most people admire, and not only wish for themselves to have it, but to also watch others that do have it with great anticipation, vigor, and reflection. Rugby more than most sports displays these very categories. I’m 38 years old, and feel as if I’m too old to play, however I don’t want others to miss out on a wonderful opportunity that I was ignorant to. Thank you for working on the betterment of a sport which is so near and dear to my heart!

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