GoPlay celebrate Celtic link-up with coach education sessions

To celebrate GoPlay Sports’ new partnership with the Celtic Soccer Academy we are holding a series of coach education sessions at the New Balance headquarters in Boston.

We are honored to have partnered with Celtic for the next three years and we will act as the club’s designated United States travel operator for the Academy’s clubs in the US.

And to kick off the relationship International Soccer Academy Manager Willie McNab will be coming to Boston to deliver a coach education session and an on-the-field demonstration later this month.

We caught up with McNab, who has built a fine reputation as a soccer clinician, demonstrating all over the world, including at numerous NSCAA Conventions, to ask him about what he is hoping for from the two-day course.


When and where are the sessions?

I’ll be across in Boston from April 26 to April 30 and the actual dates of the coaching sessions will be April 28 and April 29 at the New Balance headquarters in the city.
The Friday will be a theory based session and on the Saturday will we have the field demonstrations.

What can we expect from the sessions?

I work at the NSCAA Coaching Convention every year and the sessions will be similar to that. At the Conventions though you have such a wide-ranging audience – you have people working at grass-roots level all the way through to the professional level and also it’s about trying to find the right level to pitch at.

The Boston sessions will be to a smaller audience – maybe 60 coaches – rather than up to 2,000 that you can have watching at the Convention.

There will be a more intimate feel to it and I’ll be able to spend more time with the group as a whole and maybe if individuals want to chat I’ll be able to do that in a more relaxed environment.

The Conventions are absolutely brilliant but there are a lot of people there from all over the world offering insights and opinion, whereas these sessions will be focused on Celtic so we can give them some real insight into what we are doing.

Sometimes big venues can be intimidating and if someone has a really good question, they tend not to pose it, they tend to come and ask you one-on-one, so a smaller setting should allow people to ask those questions.

It also gives us the chance to tell people about the 24 partners in North America and we also have three partners in Panama and Venezuela and Costa Rica so it’s about letting coaches know about how partnering with Celtic can benefit them.

How will the partnership between Celtic and GoPlay work?

So basically through this new partnership GoPlay will be identifying clubs in the local area to invite them along so we can tell them a bit about what we are doing at the Celtic Academy but also what we are doing in North America with the club partnership programme that we have at the club.

And we’ll also be letting them know about the opportunity they have to travel with GoPlay and the strong relationship we have with them.

The relationship with GoPlay will mean that any clubs who show an interest in coming to Celtic will be offered GoPlay’s expertise in arranging their travel arrangements.
But in addition to that GoPlay have also got some fantastic relationships with some local clubs in Boston but also further afield across America – it’s a win-win situation for both Celtic and GoPlay.

For more information contact GoPlay…

Twitter: @goplaysoccerusa

Facebook: @goplaytours

Tel: 800-888-ACIS.


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